About us

Beyond the tagline.
Authentic and real.
Devoted to champions.

More than an agencyUnder Shark Sports Communications is a movement for valorising young and fresh talents. Our programs are crafted for winners and champions, fueling success in valuable partnerships.

We are a creative and independent team, unafiliated.

Our different approach is the protective, shielding side of the company that promises safety and quality of the athlete’s image. Our sole interest is this- wellbeing and meaningful partnerships for our athletes.

Our mission, our values are simple and authentic. We value genuine performance, a winning mentality, a strong mindset and a continuous, polished to perfection, resilience in being the ultimate best sport performer.


Our agency aspires to be a game changer on the sports marketing market, through the interest shown to the represented players and their connection with the fitting brands, following a win-win partnership focusing on the performance and interests of the athletes. The founders are interested to bring on the market a genuine, fair product to represent the interests of Romanian athletes, locally and internationally.

Together, on a long term, we are building a brand that is peer-to-peer with consumer brands and sports, lifestyle and international brands  by the product offered-  the young athlete and its values: performance and seriousness, long-term partnership, fresh approach and in line with current trends.

We believe our fresh talents and our strong values can be very inspiring!


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Str. Marte nr. 4A, Alba Iulia, jud.Alba